Almond Milk:

IMG_9486Learning to make homemade nut milks is awesome. It was the foundation for me learning to make really good healthy smoothies as well. Anyone can do it!


I use a Vitamix. I think its one of the best high speed blenders. There are others just do your research before buying.

Nut Bag -You can buy them online or I get mine at Whole Foods


1 Cup of Almonds— I soak them in a mason jar 8 hours-24- drain and rinse them before putting in blender. Reason for soaking is it helps the almonds be easier for us to digest.

4 Cups of Water

*Pinch of Sea salt or Pink Himalayan salt

You can Sweeten with Raw honey, Pure Maple syrup, or Dates

Blend………. Then Strain using your nut bag or cheesecloth and ENJOY!

Homemade Nut milks will last up to 3 days in the Fridge. 🙂

You can make Cashew milk, Hazelnut, Walnut, Pistachio, any nut you want to try this way.

Hemp Milk:

As you can see below there are many benefits of using these little seeds for the milk,your smoothies, salads, or whatever you like!


1 cup Hemp seeds

3 cups of water

pinch of sea salt/or pink himalayan

sweeten like above with any sweetener of your choice. I prefer Dates, Pure Maple Syrup,or Raw Honey.

Blend and enjoy.. You don’t even have to strain.

I don’t Love Hemp milk but I add it to my smoothies for the added benefits that Hemp seeds provide. Sometimes I will do Half almond Milk / Half Hemp Milk when making a smoothie. 🙂

Coconut Yogurt:


This recipe requires for sure a high speed blender in my opinion. Coconuts are rather Pricey here in Tennessee. I wished many times over that I could live in Hawaii or somewhere more tropical and accessible to them. Maybe someday:)

For the Yogurt your going to want to Purchase Young Thai Coconuts. They are the white ones. I purchase mine at Whole foods. I have tried the asian market thing and it seems they are cheaper but not as good of quality.. just my experience.

3-4 Thai coconuts Scrape out the meat with a spoon/ make sure the wood like pieces are cleaned off. You want it all white and smooth for the best yogurt.

Coconut water just start with a cup, can add more if needed because your making yogurt not a milk so you don’t want it too watery. You can save any extra coconut water to drink or for smoothies.

You need a Probiotic. I use Puradyme it comes in a powder and I just put a scoop or two in there.  add this once its pretty much blended, then just blend a little more to mix it in.

Pour into a mason jar. You can leave it on the counter for 4-8 hours with a paper towel over it or you can just put it in the refrigerator and give a day for those probiotics to activate. Its very healthy and can be used for many recipes and salad dressings. I hope to post more ways of incorporating the yogurt in the future.  So many people have videos on Youtube of how to make it. Everyone varies a little so just do what works for you!

Another way to make Coconut yogurt when you don’t have access to real coconuts!! I enjoy watching these guys. They have several healthy vegan recipes as well. Maybe I just enjoy their accents 😉  Seriously though  A lot of us don’t have access to coconuts or are too lazy (lets be honest) to crack open coconuts and do all that work so.. if that sounds like you or even me sometimes.. here ya go!!!

Avocado Toast:


This is a Super simple recipe for if your a busy person and want to whip something up quickly that is filling and tastes awesome.

I use Sourdough bread and toast it either in a toaster or oven at 400 degrees for 4-5 minutes. It tastes better in my opinion when  you toast it in the oven. You can drizzle a little olive oil on the bread if you like.

For the Avocado which I absolutely LOVE them. They are healthy and just go with so many meals. I mash up one with a fork and add lemon juice and sea salt or pink himalayan salt and spread it on your toast. Its so good!



The Golden Milk


I have been reading a lot about Turmeric and just thought I would share some of the healing benefits listed here and a little recipe with you. My main reason for incorporating Tumeric in my life is to help with inflammation. I use my Almond milk, but you can use any Nut milk for the base of your drink. I tried this a week ago and thought it was really good. Hope you try it and let me know if you like it!


1 cup to cup 1/2 of Almond milk- heat on stove just until its fixing to bubble


1 Tsp of Tumeric powder

1 Tsp of Raw honey or more depending on how sweet you want it.

1/2 Tsp of cinnamon*



Cashew butter!!!!

IMG_0475This is so yummy I had to share it. This morning I decided to make rasin bread for me and my daughter and I had cashew butter and thought I’m going to try this on the toast ! It was sooo good this is what I did .

1. Raisin bread toast

2  Artisana cashew butter

3. Honey

4. Cinnamon

=delicious 😀