Essential Oils



I am a doTerra Wellness advocate. If your interested in oils please visit my website.

The oils are a tremendous way to aid in supporting you with a lot of “health problems” and stress that we all encounter from time to time just from day to day life. Not only do they smell awesome when you are diffusing them (like the wild orange here:). They are perfect if you want to relax in the tub after a long day. Lavender is one of my favorites for that!! The beauty for me with doTerra is the purity that each and every oil contains.

I appreciate Dr. Morse’s statement I heard on one of his videos to paraphrase: ladies you want to be able to drink or eat whatever your putting on your skin. That makes sense right? I mean the chemicals that are in so many products are going right into the skin and getting into our systems and contributing to an imbalance in our bodies. I can’t buy lotions from regular department stores anymore. When I look at all that I just cringe because it is nothing but perfumes and chemicals.  A lot of doTerras oils are put in capsules because you can ingest them. Thats pretty awesome. Despite what we have all been duped into believing by the pharmaceutical industries and medical doctors. Mother nature really is one of the best healers in my opinion and when you incorporate more herbs and botanicals into your day to day life you will see the difference I promise!