The coming of truth for us all, is waking up to the flames and flow of duality that this planet encompasses. Understanding that nobody but you can start making the necessary changes. As love comes from the depths of our hearts to feel into another human being and assist in the transformation that is necessary for the earth to radiate more light than darkness, more love than hatred & more truth than fear, we will together Heal the Earth.

I reactivated my blog this week. I took it down for a while. I needed to take time to just learn and be for a while. I of course did not just ” be” for most of the last several months, I was working in recovery and taking a lot of call. It wore me down to say the least. I become like a hamster on a wheel. Though my job was extremely comfortable to go to it still wasn’t giving me the feeling that for so very long I have yearned for. I have spend 15 years now being a nurse and It has definitely taught me a lot. It has taught me all the things that I don’t want to be, don’t want to become, and things I no longer resonate with. On 10/10 I joined a group of women, it’s called Blissful life Academy. It’s a 6 month program to help cultivate the life you want essentially and understand the reasons behind why you have not been living it. I have gained a magnitude of awareness over the last 6 years and came a long way from where I once was. I believe in growth for us all. Without growth your like stagnant water with mosquitos just buzzing all around. I joined this program because in the time that I have taken off from work , I have realized just how miserable I have been and for a very long time.

My summer was spent getting my house ready to sell and then an agonizing process of working with a really not so nice realtor trying to find an affordable house that was in a good school zone for my daughter. My whole purpose for wanting to move was to pay off some debt and put her in a better situation than she has been in school wise. So thats what I did. With moving though because I was coming out of such a stressed place, a place of nothing but worry and fear , I basically manifested what I really didn’t want. In some ways it worked out but in other ways I’m still on the fence. I feel I moved a bit further out from the town than I wanted to be. In the process of selling my house my mom got diagnosed with lung cancer. Not what I was anticipating at that time to happen. I guess I’ve always known it was coming but you never want to accept it when the storm hits. The storm definitely did hit, and she is thankfully has made it through her treatment thus far and is on her last week this week.

Here I am in a new house, new location, no job, and a little girl that is in a really good school. It’s definitely made me think about priorities and my life and where the hell it is going and why. I know that I have to get a job to pay the bills and the mortgage, but I also have seen how working in a field I no longer want any part of has taken me down. I have just worked and worked and not invested any time in transitioning me. I am ready to transition me into my next level of this life. I have several passions, so many that sometimes I feel like pieces of a scattered puzzle laying all over the ground. I love music so much it is my release, it calms me and takes me to a place that time doesn’t exist. I love art of any kind, I love to paint it is just fun for me and also takes me out of my brain. Creating is something that fills me up inside and even photography is an interest of mine. I love taking pictures and bringing something to life. I mostly enjoy taking pics of my animals and nature. I love to write. Writing is the way of clearing out the clutter for me. It makes me feel the way you do when you’ve cleaned your whole house and you can just sit down and chill. It taps deeply into my soul and lets it bleed. I feel I should start making videos because I have seen that this is where the world is at now. When I get on Instagram or social media it feels like nothing but one big marketplace. People prefer the quick video opposed to sitting and reading these days. We are busy busy busy… I feel that social media is a place where everyone is trying to sell you their craft to make money. That is where I get stuck. I feel like if everyone is already doing it then how can I? thats self limiting belief #1 out of about 100 . I also don’t think I am a good sales person#2. I tried to sell Mary Kay and just did absolutely nothing with it.. With that said in my defense I was never really passionate at a deep level about the makeup due to the high chemical content. I have come to find that doing things from a clean place, an organic place, a place that nothing but the purest of quality resides is an inspiration to me. Same with food and essential oils. So that brings me to what all this time has given me. A new perspective. As excited as I get about health and wellness, is as excited I get about creating a brand for myself that is like a big umbrella. I want it to encompass everything that health and healing means in each and every persons journey.  That journey is different and looks different for each and everyone of us. I will create a clothing line initially. I want it to be called (Cant tell you yet 🙂 Organics.  To me we all are one and we are here for the expansion of not only our own souls but the expansion at large of this universe. I see so much duality here. I see light and dark, good and bad, some of the bad is really bad and those negative forces are painful as hell for someone like me that feels so much. So of course why wouldn’t I want to transform that? We all have the power to transform that if we just take action. I have been so guilty of sitting back for so long living in multitudes of dreams flowing through my mind like the pictures on a slide show. I see each and every possibility yet I do nothing about it. I sit back waiting and waiting..and waiting…. We can no longer wait. It is Now that life begins, each day a new day, a day to begin the transformation of ourselves into a kinder more loving place. The patterns of those that came before us have trickled down like a faucet with a bad leak. Each generation and each future generation taking on that which has been painful and not yet transformed. The heavy burdens we have carried without even realizing and they are heavy my friends. We as a whole planet can move these vibrations and heighten them. Be the light you want to see, shine the light on any area that is dark but with protection to your own self. We go in the sun but we wear sunblock right? We want to take in the vitamin D but not the harmful UV rays. Well I want to help others tap into their true essence but I can no longer carry the burdens that they hold as my own. I have struggled with this through my whole life and not even been conscious of it. I bet several of you do the same without even realizing. It is the same as when you are around someone who is really negative and you just feel terrible when you leave that person. It is like a bad smelling cologne that lingers in the air. It is a passion of mine personally to help heal this planet because suffering has been no stranger to me. When I am in the zones of peace and vitality I want everyone to feel that feeling. In a nut shell my brands mission is peace and transformation to each and everyone that will wear it. We are energy and even the Brand itself is an energy that is vibrating very high like a beautiful song you want to listen to over and over again. I’m starting to research how I can link up with some ethical organizations that manufacture eco friendly or fair trade clothing. (if anyone reading this has any information please email me @ Thehealthofknowledge@gmail.com ) Furthermore I have mentioned probably in posts or my Instagram just how much I love elephants. My heart is with them and I plan to donate a portion of the profit of my sales to the elephants because the lives they have led have inspired me to aid in helping their future because they are intelligent, majestic creatures with souls the size of the ocean. I want to see them around for years to come so my daughters children can admire them 🙂  Each animal is a unique soul and deserves love. The way we have treated animals is as if they are not even human and they are separate from us. We don’t want to think about the death they suffered when we put the piece of bacon in our mouths. I no longer could ignore it. I have no hatred or disrespect of you if you eat meat. Like I mentioned we are all at different places in our journey. 6 years ago I had absolutely no association with where the food came from that I was putting in my mouth. Today I do. It is growth , it is why we are here merely to learn and evolve. I put my plan in writing today not because it will be accomplished overnight, but because it is a goal of mine and by putting it to paper , I’m stating that it will be done! I hope you come along the journey with me. Time to open the throat chakra people. Speak the truth that your soul wants to share with others. Time isn’t waiting on you. Love to you all!!


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