Dr Morse inspires me!

Living a life of incongruency is the breeding ground for all disease. Living a life that is not your own and not about manifesting what you want is an emotional war. Truth comes from the inate desire that lies within your soul. Not your mind. Your mind most of the time does nothing more than get in the way. Mine certainly has gotten in the way many times has yours?

Im learning more and more everyday from great spiritual teachers that I admire. I am not only learning ,I am finding that I resonate so deeply with what’s being said because it is the truth. I feel the most authentic following that which makes me feel alive inside. I think you can feel very confused for a long time when you are not on your path, the path that was meant to take you where you need to go in this life. I think we become stagnant when we aren’t learning and the ego just casually jumps in and takes over. We are constantly in fear, judgement and also in a dream world when our physical body isn’t moving forward like it should be. It’s time for this physical body as well as emotional body to move. I am comfortable as a nurse, but comfort does not equate growth. Even though I and many of us know that we are just frozen or paralyzed. It seems day to day doing the same thing that doesn’t fullfill us becomes the norm.  I have learned doing that breeds unhappiness, resentment, then here comes diseases. I want to push myself further. I wanted to take a course this spring to further my knowledge in detoxification but unfortunately the class is full😕. Hopefully I can attend the next one which I think would be in January.📗

We have to clean out our closets ever so often and our drawers in our homes. Why wouldn’t it be necessary to clean out our body from all the damage we have done to it??  So many people are suffering on the planet. I take care of patients on a daily basis that are slowly killing themselves and some not so slowly. It is painful for me to see and cope with.  Why should I any longer stand by like a passenger on a plane when in my heart I feel a calling to lend a hand and help. Im happy to share what I’ve learned with anyone who needs help. We are all learning and on a journey I believe. Granted not everyone wants help. I see that everyone has their own individual paths and karma that they have to sort out. I also know that sometimes our personalities that we show others can be very different from our souls intention. Some people just get so knocked down by the medical professions list of diagnosis that they feel sunk and just become a victim of their life. That’s why I still feel one person can make a difference in your life. We are socialized each of us differently from our childhoods. Some kids grew up in loving homes with nurturing parents and sadly others grew up in opposite situations. All of that contributes to the paths we take some being conscious and some being unconscious.  I feel addictions are something we all struggle with. Many are using food, sex, drugs & alcohol as a means to cope with the unhappiness they have buried. Some feel powerless to change the direction they are going. I know for years I have told myself I have an autoimmune disorder which means my body is attacking itself . I’m calling BS on that after learning what I have. Illness is nothing more than a state of acidosis in the body and no not the blood, but the interstitial tissues, cells, and lymphatic system. That can create a lot of havoc to a body after time. The emotional wounds also play a role in disease I believe.

The mind makes up really convincing stories and evidence to us as to why we “can’t” do what we really want and soon you believe it. When I listen to some people talk you can tell they have told themselves that same story over and over again. Like circling your own drain. Eventually we find ourselves in a place that is either so physically painful you can’t stand it or emotionally painful you can’t stand it. Usually it’s a combination of both before people will finally say enough is enough. I know I want to be the driver of my own car don’t you? You can be, it just takes some time and sorting out to figure out what YOUR wants and priorities are. Somedays that’s still a struggle for me. I watched a video on self love and the connection with eating disorders/food the other day and there definitely is a connection. When you start listening to the voice within you and tune out the external noise it becomes much easier to eat intuitively. Even commercials influence us in such negative ways. You can see 5 fast food commercials in less than 20 minutes when watching a show on tv.

For people who are interested in making a change with their diet. My advice would be to take it on a week to week basis . Start the first week only eating meat 2 or 3 times a week (organic if possible). The following week decrease the meat always revving up on the fruits and vegetables. Each week that passes you will see that you are capable of surviving and thriving without the meat or maybe eating meat only once a week for a bit. People stop when they find themselves feeling a little weaker than usual or have headaches, detox symptoms, etc. The reason your feeling like that at first is your cutting out the adrenaline that was a rush to your sympathetic nervous system . Before animals are slaughtered they like anything else with a nervous system experience fear. When we are in an extreme state of fear we release a lot of adrenaline in a fight or flight response. A mechanism to somehow run or do what we can to stay alive. Unfortunately they can’t run and in turn end up on the plates of many. Anyways without the meat we will feel a little different at first but you will adjust . The benefits of loosing all that protein is your kidneys will function better which In turn you will function better at cleaning out the metabolic wastes in your body.  After you start learning recipes and find some vegan restaurants you enjoy you can do that for a while. Then start cutting out dairy which is probably even harder for some because we have grown up on milk and the false assumption that it gives us calcium for our bones. Studies are showing quite the opposite. The more mucous we are putting in our body from dairy the more clogged up our lymphatic system and kidneys become. Think of your lymphatic system as your sewer system. When the body can’t filter the wastes well it becomes more acidic. That in turn starts leaching calcium from our bones. The number of people with arthritis today is sad and a lot of the reason is high protein and lymph stagnation. I make my own almond milk and nuts are slightly inflammatory yes, but a much better option to dairy in my opinion. Always soak your nuts first to make them easier to digest. I have a page showing how I make my milk and there are 100s of videos online. It comes down to learning and researching and investing in your health daily. It isn’t a fad diet or some way to just lose weight, to truly heal it is a lifestyle. There are people on YouTube with a wealth of knowledge on how to thrive on a vegan or raw diet. Dr Robert Morse’s videos contain so much knowledge and truth. I encourage anyone to watch some of his stuff especially if your suffering with health problems or cancer.  I hope people will continue to be curious and make some changes. A friend I work with sent me a text the other morning and said she made a strawberry and almond milk smoothie for breakfast. She is pregnant and it just lit me up inside that she was doing that! I know any kind of change from our daily routines is difficult at first, but I want everyone to see the truth that the closer we get back to nature the better we will all be. Love yourself it’s worth it!!! The body knows what it needs, our minds just need to step aside sometimes:)

thanks for reading!



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