Human Suffering

Human suffering is something I would like to talk about today. It is something I think about most of my days whether I am driving down the road or encountering it at work. I feel we are all born to die that is a given. Sometimes we don’t like to think about it like that, but it is true. We come into this life and at some point we will exit and leave our loved ones, material possessions, and animals behind. I have been thinking a lot about the gray area of that though, the part of life that is supposed to have meaning and excitement to it. I have felt over the years that I have missed out a lot on that and I feel many others do to. We work jobs that we don’t have much passion for. We deal with negative family members who are not interested in our lives and what direction they take. God forbid we do something good that takes the light off of them. So we end up suppressing who we are. We get into a rut of not wanting to hurt others when really we are hurting ourselves deeply.  When we suppress who we are and what we are here for, we end up in a state of illness in some form. A lot of people that are “crazy” are not really crazy they are just victims of years of that suppression and neglect. We eat diets that are not harmonious with our bodies and those foreign substances eventually start to break us down over time.

Truth comes in waves and we have to ride the wave when the opportunity presents itself I feel. I work in the recovery room and I was thinking about this a lot the other day driving to work. I medicate people when they are hurting with a few select drugs. I give them dilaudid, fentanyl, or morphine perhaps. If they are nauseated I give them zofran or phenergan. All of these drugs usually do the trick , but they do the trick for a short time. They are a temporary fix if you will. We know if we have a huge incision down our abdomen that pain is going to be present. So I medicate them and I suppress their pain for the time being and it makes them feel better and me as well because of course I don’t like to see people hurting.  With my job I am only providing a fraction of a service that I would like to be providing. I don’t want to temporarily take people out of pain, I want to help people and educate them on healing their bodies systemically. I think this is where the medical profession has fallen so short. I wanted to blog about this the other day.  I had a patient a week of so ago that came in with a fever and abdominal pain into the ER. They ran a CT I guess on her and some labs that weren’t really conclusive of anything. The surgeon decided it was her appendix so they consented her to take it out. When I as the recovery room nurse received her from the OR, the circulating nurse said: Well when he got in there her appendix didn’t really look bad but they took it out. He looked at her gallbladder and it really didn’t look bad either but he called her husband and asked if he could remove it to while he was in there.  I stood there probably with the most bewildered look on my face and I was like what the hell. I mean to me as someone who wants to believe the body is truly able to heal itself in most scenarios, I see a young girl who just lost not one but two organs possibly unnecessarily. It bothered the hell out of me. We are ripping gallbladders out of people without a thought not caring how important that organ is in our digestive process and ability to breakdown fats. People want to eat the high fat processed foods and eventually it does catch up with them, They never want to stop and think that when we abuse the gallbladder over and over again eventually it is going to get clogged up and we are going to be in pain. The best remedy for something is to change the behavior that caused it. I know myself how difficult it is to change the diet. I have been working on this for 4 years now. I started cutting out meat. I started realizing there were other options. I started eating more fruits, and smoothies, but I still longed for my cup of coffee in the morning and still struggle with that. I cut out candy bars and cakes at work that I used to consume when I was bored. It becomes a habit and habits are hard to break. You have to look deeper. Look into what is going on with your body. Eat intuitively not impulsively.  If you are having gallbladder pain and issues there, then your body is telling you get off the high fat foods, eat more fruits and drink more water and just see if it helps. There are herbs out there to help cleanse the gallbladder. If I were in trouble there I would be doing anything I could to help regenerate that organ because it is more important that we think. I know people who have lost there gallbladder and I promise you they complain of diarrhea and lose stools and frequency to go more than your average person especially if they are consuming the standard american diet. Dietary change is a process and I am seeing that. There are no quick fixes like people want to lose weight. There are unhealthy ways to lose weight and ones that will deprive you of things your body needs and I see people do those kinds of diets to. Most of the time they resort right back to the previous diet they were on and then wonder why they can’t lose weight.

I have been learning so much from Dr. Morse and I want to continue to. I figure who better to use as a guinea pig than ourselves when we are on a healing journey.  I want to work more on detoxification of the body. After 10, 20, and 37 years there is a lot I’ve suppressed with the pharmaceuticals I have taken over the years for my colitis, steroids that have done my adrenal glands no favors. I want to do some fruit fasting in the future and see where It takes me. It is a struggle trying to figure out how to make that work and work full time as that takes a lot of energy. I am starting slow but working toward it. I do believe there is a lot of false information out there around fruit and sugar. Fruit is the good sugar and we were meant to eat it. I listened to a video that Dr Morse did where he talked about the various zoos throughout the world. Because of the misunderstanding so many have about fruit they are actually depriving even the gorillas of fruit because they think too much is a bad thing for them. If you offered a gorilla a carrot or a banana its pretty obvious which one they would choose. They know what they need but we as humans are misinformed. I figure if a man who has been healing people for 40 years and has seen so much success with fruit, berries, and melons, maybe I should listen closely. I have things that need to heal in my body and I have found surgery is not the answer. I want a lasting solution and I believe I’m on the right path to finding it. I’m the kind of person that I would never want to steer someone the wrong way so I plan to use myself as the biggest guage of it something works or not. Then I hope to help even more people on the journey to health. Like I said we are not going to live here forever, I feel our souls are eternal and merging our soul with the body we are given is the most caring and beautiful thing one can do. So many of us are so detached from what we already know to be the truth. We have tuned it out to keep up with the pace of this world we try to blend into.  This of course is my opinion and my goal isn’t to live forever, but it is to not have to spend my time here suffering like so many today are. Thanks for reading!💖