Birth Control…

I’ve been tempted to write on this topic for a while now. Everyday it seems I encounter people or read about someone who is suffering with hormonal imbalance. I feel that I can maybe speak from my own experience to shed some light on this topic for those who feel confused as to what to do when the doctor says “Just get on the pill it will fix all your problems.”


Backing up like 18 years ago, I used to have really irregular periods. I started my period at 11 and then didn’t really have another period until I was 12.5. From that time on they were never on a 28 day cycle and some months I would bleed 12-18 days which seemed to me as a young girl at the time awful. I guess it is awful for any of us at any age right! It is not only annoying to be wearing a pad or tampon for that many days of the month, but it leads to the question?? why in the hell are my periods so irregular? Well by the time I was 17 or 18. I went to a gynecologist who placed me on birth control to “fix” this issue. It did regulate the period some, but it also made me gain weight, have more headaches, and then eventually I was spotting in-between periods again. The doctor then upped my dose of birth control if I recall a pill called ovcon 50. They may no longer even make this brand I have no idea. When I was put on that pill , I was down in Georgia going to college and playing softball. I term it as the best and worst year of my life. I made some amazing friends and enjoyed the warm weather so much. I learned to play guitar which just made me want to sing even more and that’s a hobby I still enjoy today. Those were the positives. The negatives however were:  I became a girl who was continuing to gain weight even though I was exercising and playing softball. Also my moods were as labile as someone who had been diagnosed with bipolar disorder. I had transitioned from playing ball with girls who had played fast pitch their whole lives to this place that was at a slower pace and girls that had come from playing slow pitch. It was a big adjustment for me. I recall one day becoming so angry on the field over one of the girls who I didn’t particularly care for, I literally grabbed my stuff and stormed back to my dorm. When I got to my dorm I sat there crying and couldn’t stop crying. Normally I would have maybe not cared for the actions of the player, but I would have contained my emotions and just went on about practice. I just was miserable and at the time, I had no idea that all of these moods were coming from a little white pill. I joke with people now and say I want nothing to do with birth control because it makes me nuts. I feel that strongly. It is one thing to suffer from some PMS each month, but no woman wants to pms everyday. I feel thats what birth control does for you. When I came home from Georgia, I was like enough of this. I had broken it off with my current boyfriend and I just wanted a complete break from birth control and it all. I noticed such a shift coming off it, I wasn’t so angry all the time, and I started to lose a little weight and go back to feeling like “me.”


Fast forward to post having my daughter. I was 25, I like all women probably feel after just having a baby. “I don’t want to do this again right now ” haha.. So I talked to my OBGYN and he suggested putting in an IUD called the Mirena. It was quite new at the time. Looking back I wish I knew then what I know now… but it never works out that way does it?  I recall the doctor telling me how lovely the mirena was and how I would barely bleed each month if at all, and he said “It’s only inserted in your uterus so it won’t cause any of the effects that birth control does, yet it contains hormones🤔.


I think it is amazing that someone who went to school for that many years and his main focus was the female reproductive system. He didn’t understand that your cervix/uterus is a mucous membrane that is going to absorb those hormones and share them with your bloodstream which runs through your whole body. So many women have complained about the side effects of the Mirena. Even the nurse of the OBGYN I saw had him remove hers. I know women that have gained a lot of weight, spotted all the time, never had any period which in my opinion is not good. Some IUD’s have perforated the uterus which sounds dreadful. All these different systemic and emotional side effects can occur because of  hormones. I believe hormones can be regulated in a more natural way. I guess another  choice is the copper IUD which comes not with hormonal side effects, but from what I hear really heavy periods and worse cramps, just what every woman wants! I think there has to be a better way. I think if you are in a monogamous relationship then there are ways to learn your cycle, there are ovulating predictors (don’t know all the brands), some are quite pricey, but there is no such thing as too much money when it comes to your body being healthy and your mind being right. I would suggest those types of birth control . If your not in a monogamous relationship then perhaps the old fashioned condom might just be the best thing. It is definitely the best thing in my opinion with the numbers of STDS these days and the fact that those numbers are climbing.

A lot of women are suffering from PCOS and Fibroids. My recommendation for those two things are first definitely changing up the diet. That goes really for all of our female issues, Pms as well. The Medical medium has a great book that talks about foods that heal the body and I think eating more fresh organic fruits, herbs, and vegetables are the best healers money can buy. Alissa Vitti is another great resource for pcos as she tells her story on YouTube and has a book called Woman code.


Getting off the processed foods, high fructose corn syrup,GMO, and fast food is a great start. I’m not perfect and my diet isn’t always perfect but I can honestly say that I get about 2-3 headaches a month compared to when I ate the standard American diet 8-10 headaches a month.  I was at one time living on midol and excedrin. I was killing my colon even more taking nsaids all the time. While I’m on the topic of headaches, I usually get a migraine when I do get a headache. Now I can usually name the exact thing that caused it. 90 percent of the time for me it’s chocolate. Chocolate is a definite weakness for me. Certain times of the month I can get away with eating dark chocolate and all the peanut butter I want. During those times closer to my cycle they will trigger a migraine for me. Sometimes around those days preceding my period even almond milk can cause a headache. I notice since I started making my own almond milk it doesn’t do it as much as the store bought brands. I soak the nuts for 8 hours and I make my almond milk pretty thin since I mainly use it for smoothies. My best advice is to Just be mindful of what your eating and you’ll start to see the things that make you feel amazing and the foods that drag you down. Conscious eating I am learning more and more about and hope to continue to improve for my own health.


In conclusion of this, I just encourage women no matter what age you are to research more about birth control before you get on it. Listen to other women’s stories. If you truly feel that’s what your body needs then I understand. I wish that I would have understood more about the side effects birth control when I was younger. Listening to your body is the best thing you can do and sometimes your body and intuition know more than any doctor ever will. Thanks for reading 🙏


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