Alone in the parallel reality that I lead I am often lost wondering. Im wondering what happened to the life we all once knew, the life that was simple and full of nature. Things in nature unfold so naturally and beautifully just as each of our lives should. There is no resistance for a flower to bloom or the sun to rise each day. Unfortunately man has made earth almost unbearable in my opinion especially for those who can see beyond the vail and who can feel beyond the falseness here. 

I have been on this vegan journey I realize for a little while now, like over 3 years. No day is the same and each day I am learning more from other people that are succeeding at it. I still feel that it is a progression and that each person has to progress at their own pace and it has to feel right to them. With that said the deeper I go into the realization that what we are being fed as a society is killing us. I can’t help but want others to awaken to the truth of nature and the truth of things that are much more simple yet healthy. I went this morning and I took my recyclables to the dump near me. With that I see how much plastic I generate and I need to cut back. When I look back though at how I used to just throw every plastic bottle in the regular garbage I understand that I was contributing to the already too much trash problem in the world. I encourage everyone to try to recycle. It is good for the planet and it just makes you feel good knowing that it is going to be re used and not waisted. I purchased some stainless steel straws not too long ago off of Amazon. My daughter and I used them for our smoothies and it is so much better than using 14 or more plastic ones a week.IMG_0317I have been seeing so many people that are coming to the awareness that a plant based diet is honestly the best and most beneficial for our health. On Instagram I follow several people that are making this diet work with children and that inspires me.

Yesterday at work, I was talking to a co worker of mine and we got on the topic of bacon. Everyone at work is like..”Kristen is vegan” it’s almost like “Kristen is an alien” thats how it feels sometimes lol . Anyways he stated that he loves bacon and CAN’T give it up. Which I do feel it is a choice and who am I to tell anyone how to eat. With that said though he in turn said that he would like to own a mini pig for a pet and at that point it just lit a fire in me. He also said “but I would not eat him.” It just brings me to the point that there is such a huge disconnect between what we love and what we put in our mouth. When we think of pigs as just someone else’s animal that is going to be slaughtered and we have no emotional connection to them its “Ok” if they get slaughtered and put on our plate. When we see the pig as something we hold and own and feed, then its “NOT” okay to hurt or kill the pig. It is just interesting to me and I can understand it in some ways because I used to eat the bacon as well and not identify with where it came from or even want to know. It is obviously easier to be in denial than in truth. I know the majority of the world could not even imagine eating their dog or cat right?? but people in China and other places eat those animals and see nothing wrong with it.  It is easier for the alcoholic to take a drink than to resist it. It is easier for the smoker to buy the pack of cigarettes instead of resist it. It is easier for us to pull into the drive through than to cook something healthy at home. How do we as a society get out of this stupor? How do we connect the dots that we are all one.  I read comments on Facebook that people see themselves as significantly higher beings than cows or pigs. The reason for this in my opinion is we have been conditioned to believe that is true by our parents, grandparents and their elders. It is a pattern!!! We are victims of so many unconscious patterns that affect us in everything that we do. The more aware you become of that the harder it seems life is to navigate. It’s like you start feeling very alone. You start feeling like nothing is right and you just want to run away but don’t know where to run. The worst one is that nobody understands you. It is very isolating. I think having a support system is extremely important. I however don’t really have that here except for my daughter and I am greatly blessed that she is so caring toward animals and others. She is supportive of what I want to do and what I eat. I never make her eat anything thats vegan unless she really wants to. I give her the choice. Sometimes she choses the chicken or whatever and that is fine. I feel in time and as she matures she will make her own connections and I’m proud of the ones that she is already making on her own. 


I just felt compelled to write about this because I have watched Cowspiracy on Netlix recently and some of the other health documentaries. I encourage everyone to watch those documentaries if you have Netflix.

IMG_0476It is one way of bridging the gap by seeing what is happening in the world and just how the food industry is out for the almighty dollar and does not care about us as a whole. Look at how agriculture is killing our rainforest and taking away so much land each year. It is not necessary for our survival which many are now understanding. We don’t need the meat or the dairy to thrive. We need plant protein, nuts, nut milks, seeds, fruits and vegetables. There is enough protein in that to survive. Some lentils and beans are good, quinoa,  avocados are full of healthy fats, not saturated fats that clog up our system. I buy coconuts and yes they are expensive in Tennessee and I probably only buy a couple every month because of that. When I can put them in my diet I do! I recently purchased some coconut Kefir at whole foods. With colitis anytime you can put healthy probiotics in your gut I recommend it. I just feel good when I eat it and no it doesn’t taste awesome to me, but It is awesome for your gut flora. I know I can’t tell other people how to lead their lives but we are failing miserably here and we have to somehow make the changes necessary for our planet to survive for not only us but our children. In one of the documentaries I watched. It said that If all of the trees and resources we have went away we would all die, but if we went away the earth, wildlife, trees, fruits, etc would continue to flourish. That says something doesn’t it. We are slowly killing this earth and it is painful when I see that on every square inch of available land, they are building subdivisions and shopping malls, etc. That has to make people see that someday our wild life is going to not exist. Our rain forests and plants are our oxygen. I don’t know anyone that can live without it.  As I mentioned the denial is just easier. It’s easier to be excited for the new grocery store or mall that is coming instead of think about what is being lost. I just pray for more compassion and empathy on this earth. I want to make a difference in any way that I can and most days I feel like I’m not cutting it. How can we be the change here??

Recycle, Utilize Farmers markets, buy organic when you can, spay and neuter pets, be kind to one another, educate yourself ,make connection and quality time important with your children, listen..…. the list goes on.. what is important to you??


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