I am seeing more and more people suffering from not only cancer but autoimmune diseases. I myself suffer from one of those diseases which I have mentioned in previous posts. It fuels me to want to heal and to want others to heal. I think collectively we have become numb to the fact that what we are Eating, Breathing, and Thinking is affecting us every single day of our lives. We see nothing but fast food chains and restaurants all around us cooking in heavy saturated fats and oils and sugar is Everywhere.  With that said Inflammation is Everywhere.

People are not able to live happy functional lives unless they are taking NSAIDS daily. They are killing their kidneys and colons by doing this, but in order to keep up with the current diet they are eating they must take the pills. I say that out loud but a lot of people don’t make a connection there. Im telling you from experience there is definitely a connection to eating processed sugary foods and inflammation. There is a connection with greasy fast food and inflammation. There is definitely a connection with alcohol, dairy and inflammation. Many people argue because their young or their bodies are compensating in other ways right now and they think they are “fine” After years of eating the Standard American Diet (SAD)  your health will decline in some form. Diabetes is at all time highs right now and obesity. Why?? When your consuming dead foods which is what I would refer to anything that you buy at a fast food chain you have to eat more and more of those chemical filled substances to feel satiated. All your doing is taking in loads of carbs and sugars which turn into Fat. In turn carrying around all that extra weight stresses the heart and leads to cardiovascular disease and diabetes.

People are sedentary these days. They don’t want to move their bodies. Most Americans spend 80% of their day on a computer and even if being on a computer isn’t their job. They are still addicted to social media and prefer sitting at a chair or on a couch scrolling through news feeds. I myself have been no exception to this lifestyle. I just see it more clearly now that I have made my own changes with what I’m consuming. Exercise is crucial in some form for healing.  I believe 100% that when you change your diet and your not clogging everything up with heavy fats and sugar , its like you let the light in! and you emit the light of your essence much easier!

The other night I was driving home from work and a large Semi truck passed me with probably over 100 pigs going to be slaughtered. It hurts me to my core to see it. I could see their ears sticking out of the holes and their noses. They had absolutely no control of their destiny and to me thats the ultimate form of cruelty. They were all piled in there as hot as it is outside and no way out. To me its like a modern day concentration camp for animals. Many people don’t see it from that perspective but I must say that is my perspective for what it’s worth.  When we have an earth full of life giving fruits and vegetables to me there is absolutely no need to eat an animal. Thankfully research is proving that to people today!  Dr. Michael Greger has a book out “How not to Die” talking about the plant based diet and its effects on reversing cardiovascular disease. Meat is high in uric acid which is also contributing to inflammation in the body. Out of greed the animals have suffered more and more over the years for mass production and their bodies have been treated like a science experiment. It is just cruel and I pray for the day that everyone is conscious and sees a better way to live than taking the life of another being.

I just want to say that another issue I feel that is a precursor to people having inflammatory responses in their bodies is STRESS. We are all stressed as a society financially and just in general. People are working their asses off at dead end jobs that they absolutely hate to make a check that isn’t even enough to live. If that doesn’t cause stress I don’t know what would.  People are not living their passions because of fear. Fear of failure is one of the biggest things that keep people from doing what they love or even being able to adventure to see what they love. We are all products of social conditioning from our family, family members, friends, and media. Its like we have been taught from a very young age that it is not okay to do what you love. For some reason due to family patterns there is a thought that you should just exist to make money for the sake of making money and because thats what those before you did.They hated their dead end jobs so their children should too. Now there are families that live their passion and their children do the same and those are conscious people and I admire their lifestyle and the way they parent their children. They unfortunately are more the exception than the rule today. When you stay stressed your body is releasing cortisol all the time.. How long do you think your body can keep up with that game? Eventually your adrenal glands and your immune system is gonna say F You! I’m gonna break down if your going to keep this up. Thats what it does. Peoples hair starts falling out, they suffer with joint pain, severe acne, bowel issues of all sorts, colitis, crohns, and Rheumatoid arthritis, Lupus, Fibromyalgia, chronic illness, and cancer. We were not designed to be machines. We are spiritual beings having a human experience here on Earth. We are here  to expand our souls and for us to flourish as much as we can and grow. When you are doing something you love you have Energy for Days!! you can go and go and your not even tired. If you are tired you sleep and you wake up ready for more. When you are doing something you hate it is painful to get up and painful to make it through the day. Those feelings cause disease. The feelings of resentment, anger, pain, and shame. So why don’t people do more of what they love?  We have to break family patterns and social conditioning even if that means cutting ties and moving far away. Negativity will kill you!


I’m writing  about this because I believe that our bodies want to heal and that health should be a normal state, not illness. When eating processed foods we are introducing parasites, chemicals, and toxins to our bodies. Over time they take a toll. I recommend probiotics and prebiotics to everyone. The difference is pre-biotics feed the flora in our gut that is already there. They are good for anyone who has been on a lot of antibiotics. Markus Rothkranz has a good video on Youtube about prebiotics. I will post it below, he explains it much better than I can. I can’t tell anyone what brand to take, you have to do what feels right for you. Its a good start trying to heal the gut because thats where a lot of our immunity thrives or dies.  I want to help people start to wake up to the fact that what they are eating when eating fast foods isn’t serving them. It isn’t serving their children. You always hear about fillers in dog foods that are cheap, well the corn products that people are consuming that are GMO are no different. You may have a full belly but you’ve gained absolutely no nutrition from what was consumed and created inflammation in return. Your body sees chemicals in these dead foods as foreign invaders so of course its going to cause an inflammatory response and thats when we experience joint pains, fatigue; headaches to name a few. Its not really much different than when you have a bacterial infection or viral. You spike a fever as a symptom of that bacteria that has entered your body. Your body is telling you something is wrong. We just need to learn to listen to it!!!  I encourage everyone to think before you eat something. Find out where it has come from and what is in it. Read labels, look for organic fruits and veggies and non GMO labels. Yes they cost more but it’s worth it!! Go to farmers markets!  It is okay to go against the grain and free yourself from the matrix of what everyone else is doing. It is not easy I am learning that, but I have to feel its worth it in the end! Thanks for reading.


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