Healthier options

This was my breakfast today. I made this juice yesterday and sealed it in a mason jar. It has oxidized a little but it is still good. Fighting the coffee urge this morning!! The juice was made with:

    • Kale
    •  celery
    • 2 apples
    • 1/2 lemon
    • 1 cucumber
    • parsley
    • coconut water 1/2 cup
    • 1 tsp of Hawaiin Spirulina Powder.

The Justin’s almond butter I just bought on a whim about a week ago. I have tried other almond butters and they just did not taste good to me. This one is Vanilla flavored but they have maple, classic, and chocolate I believe.  I put a tsp or so on my organic green wise waffles and its awesome. Some of the organic waffles taste like cardboard but these I have to say are really good.  My daughter absolutely loved this the first time I made it for her.


I feel this maple syrup is a healthier option than some of your traditional syrups and it tastes really good too. I like the 365 degree brands for a lot of things.

So you have the waffles, slice a banana, add blueberries or strawberries, maple syrup or even raw honey would be good. Then top with Chia seeds and enjoy!

A year older…

Well it happened.. another birthday came and went. I’m now 36 years old. Interesting to me how fast the years fly now. I remember that it seemed like forever before I was 21, then I was 25, and now here I am 🙂

I have been spending a lot of time learning more and thinking so much more about diet and how its impacting our lives. I feel that illness is increasing at mass levels. It hurts me to see whats happening to our health. I was just telling my mom yesterday that I wish sometimes I could be more oblivious to what goes on around me because then I wouldn’t feel so much pain.


I don’t know a lot of about everything, but I know that I was put here to help heal others. I also know in order to heal something you have to want to heal it and be so tired of living the way you were before that there is only one way to go!  I guess it’s partially why I became a nurse. I have learned so much from nursing. I have learned more than I ever thought I would have. 14 years ago I walked onto the med surgical floor as green as grass. I had only a head full of a bunch of book knowledge I had memorized and regurgitated for tests. The real learning began just interacting and being with people. After a while the more your with people if you pay close attention you start to see patterns. I see patterns with obesity, drug abuse, addictions, and adults who are basically still not adults because their inner child was neglected when they were children.  Wounds follow us and they can destroy us if they aren’t recognized and dealt with.  Sometimes I see people who are in the end stages of their life. I just had a patient yesterday, her kidneys were failing her. She was one step away from dialysis. In my mind I wish I could take her life and rewind it several years and teach her what she should be eating and drinking and why. I find myself doing this with a lot of people including very close family members. The hard part for me is seeing there is such a huge gap between knowing and application. The second hardest part is most of us are too afraid to change. I know that where there is a physical addiction there is a psychological problem/pattern underneath. None of us do what we do for no reason. We certainly weren’t born wanting to drink alcohol or binge eat.  We are always trying to find a way to cope that makes us feel better. Even if we only feel better temporarily. What would it be like to live a life that you didn’t have to spend so much time trying to feel better?


I want to be authentic here because sometimes examples are key in making someone see they aren’t alone I feel. I will use myself, because who else do I know better than me ha!  I am addicted to coffee and yes I know most will say well thats not too bad of something to be addicted to. Perhaps coffee isn’t “that” bad for you, there are mixed reviews I suppose. Regardless though It’s something I war with. I have been juicing more or even buying juice from whole foods when I go there with my daughter. I want to do a juice fast soon as well.  The conscious part of me knows, why would you be detoxing or putting good healing things in your body if your going to turn around and put chemicals in your body from coffee.  I say chemicals from coffee because starbucks is my drink of choice or has been for a while and I guess they use GMOS from what I read.  So… what in the hell keeps me pulling in the drive through each morning. ?? There are some mornings that Hannah and I have coffee at home and a muffin or something, but 85-90% of the time its Starbucks!  I have questioned this within myself and what comes to my mind are a few things. First off, ” Convenience! Second when I have not had the coffee I feel “more tired” during the day and seem to drag. It just “wakes me up” I love that feeling I get when I drink it (just like a drug right?)  I feel if I don’t drink coffee in the morning then my whole day is just not the same and my “routine” is messed up. Routine is such a powerful word. We are indeed as humans creatures of habit aren’t we?? Think about your day, I bet 95% of people have the same tooth brushing routine, shower routine, breakfast routine, etc. We love routine! I however today for lunch chose to juice a large batch of green juice instead of eat food. I made it with celery, cucumber, apples, lemon, parsley,kale, and added spirulina and coconut water to it. It was fabulous!! I must say the coconut water took it to the next level.  I am not hungry at all now. I drank a mason jar full of the juice and then half a mason jar of water after. Even though I’m not hungry and I will not eat until dinner time my routine has been shaken up. I love food and love to eat lunch. So right now my addictive/unconscious mind is thinking about the food I should have ate or be eating for lunch. The only way I know to combat that is to know that by drinking the green juice I probably put more nutrients in my body in that glass then I would have if I had a large pizza or pasta. Sometimes just “understanding” that what your doing will better yourself at a deeper level is all the inspiration you need to push past the craving and the “addiction.”  I’m learning and I’m exposing my coffee psychosis here so to speak 🙂  I don’t mind because sometimes when I write about things or talk about them its therapeutic in itself.  Music is theraputic for me at all levels. I make up songs sometimes and never record them for anyone to hear. Just singing the words is enough to make me content. Sometimes I think I should record more of them for people to hear. 🙂  I get distracted easily and feel rather scattered sometimes honestly. That is a manifestation of some of my childhood perhaps, but thats a whole other blog topic;) .. I  do think music is and can be a therapy for anyone though whether your playing it or just listening to it. I love to drive and listen to music;  thats what kept me sane when I was going through a divorce. Sometimes you just gotta take time to sort things out and a song has a powerful way of taking you to the place you need to be.


Well I will keep pushing forward because I believe that optimal health is achieved by what we are thinking and of course by what we are putting in our bodies.  I am not perfect and more like a work in progress just like everyone. The more I steer away from processed foods and meat/dairy. The more I gain awareness. Higher consciousness is found through foods that are alive.  I am learning when I  do eat those things that aren’t healthy how it makes my body feel. I had ice cream on my birthday because “your supposed to right” and it made my daughter happy to have ice cream with her momma. I won’t tell you I didn’t enjoy eating it, but I did not enjoy how it made me feel after.  All the more reason to get back on this track. Subtle changes in the diet make a large difference!!  If your trying to lose weight or trying to heal, make the commitment to eat more organic fruits and vegetables. Minimal nuts and seeds and see where it leads you. I will be posting more recipes on here.  thank you for reading:)