Truth about Relationships

Teal usually posts a new video every Saturday for those of you who may be interested. I typically find her videos to be useful or informative in some way. I feel this video hits the nail on the head why a lot of relationships between men and women fail. I can honestly say I have experienced this type of dynamic first hand and would imagine many others  have as well. I shouldn’t say I ” would imagine”  when I know after listening to friends and co workers tell me about their dating experiences. This has unfortunately  become a common theme as to why they don’t sustain.  Dating has become quite dysfunctional these days and I think she lays it out there nicely as to why. While people are waking up to their health, there is also a desperate need for us to wake up when it comes to relationships. This is especially critical being that relationships are the source of our growth in this life. I would love to see that they could become more balanced.  People would be a lot happier and fulfilled for sure.  Thanks for Watching!


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