Dates are our friends..

I don’t think I ever really knew what a date looked like until a couple of years ago. As I mentioned in previous blogs I used to steer clear of fiber like it was an enemy! Raw carrots scared the hell out of me. You know how you eat something one time and if you have a massive melt down you blame it on that particular food?  When in reality your whole system is screwed and the food didn’t exactly cause it, it more or less contributed to the problem that was already there.

In my 20’s when I spent most of my time in a flare with the Ulcerative colitis, I always thought anytime I ate any fiber it made it worse. When the colon is raw and bleeding is probably not the best time to ingest fibrous material. Over time remissions became more frequent than flares and so over the last 3 years I started incorporating more and more fiber in my diet. I would watch Dr. OZ or some health show about how so many people are getting colon cancer today. One of the main catalysts being “fiberless diet” leading to it. The bell went off in my head that I am already at risk for colon cancer much more than the average person so maybe fiber is something that should be tried again! So that was when my journey began as well as sampling more vegan options like going to Wild Cow. It’s my favorite vegan restaurant here in Nashville. When I first started eating veggie burgers made with black beans for example my stomach was like what did you just do to me??haha, but I stuck with it. Any time your in a period of change it will not always be comfortable and sometimes you get worse before you get better.  As I have mentioned before I think fiber is something you have to build up tolerance to slowly especially when you have Irritable bowel,UC, or any other digestive disorder. Seems like some people can eat anything and “do fine” whereas a colon like mine is a delicate creature all of its own. So many people want to dabble with their diet. We are all guilty of this, but it has to be a lifestyle not just eat good today then go to Burger King tomorrow if you know what I mean! When you backslide and go back to the dead food you have defeated everything your working towards. For some people that may be weight loss and others it’s a deeper level of healing.

Ok, lets talk about dates. I use dates now quite a bit. They are wonderful in smoothies to add sweetness. I also use them in my almond milks to add sweetness. You can make date Dip!! yes date dip is great with apples. If you have a food processor take about 8 dates that have been soaked for a couple of hours and a little water. Also add in some cinnamon and bam you have a healthy caramel!! Dates contain a lot of vitamins and help normalize bowel movements. So many people are suffering from reflux today and I think they should consider incorporating more of these in their diet as well. Sometimes people are constipated for days, I hear this from patients and they think thats a normal way of living. Its not normal! You should be going daily if not more than once a day. The only way to do that is to eat more foods that contain the natural medicine fiber. The pharmaceutical industry is making a killing on the reflux meds and the laxatives today. There are better more natural ways to cure the gut I promise. Just try eating more fruits and vegetables on a daily basis and see if you feel differently.!!


I just wanted to suggest a couple of ways to eat dates and hope you may consider trying them. You can purchase them pretty much at any local grocery store these days. So have more dates with dates 🙂 and eat to your health!! 🙂 Thanks for reading!

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