Better dressings exist..

My daughter was actually the prompter for me to post this particular recipe. She was watching some of Laura Vitale’s recipe videos on YouTube tonight. We make salads quite frequently and I have enjoyed messing around with healthier alternatives for dressings. One particular dressing I like to make is a replacement for the traditional thousand island. I love that dressing, but as I got older and developed more GI issues in my 20’s. It got to where every time I would eat a salad using that dressing I ended up living in regret if you know what I mean :(. Well the way we make it works much better for me. I use veganaise instead of regular mayonnaise. Its just a healthier alternative made without eggs and non gmo. I use about one cup of veganaise, organic ketchup, a touch of minced garlic; pickle relish by 365 degrees. It tastes great and I don’t feel sick after I eat it. For me thats a win win! I never really measure it I just play around with it until its the consistency that I want, but just a touch of garlic is all ya need.

I make another salad dressing that goes fabulously with kale. Kale is something I had to warm up to. It wasn’t like the first time I tried it, I was hooked. Kale has to be massaged some to not be so firm when eating it. Its funny I had a friend that said isn’t that what they used to decorate your plate with, like the little piece of green stuff you just pushed aside as it was only there for decoration haha:)… I guess it was, but that little decoration has a lot of health benefits that we are lacking these days. I use Kale in my smoothies and with the aid of a banana, blueberries, or whatever fruit you like you won’t even know its in there. Many people see a green drink and their immediate reaction is “Gross” “Ewe” or even better “oh my god you drink that?.” I’m only speaking from previous commentary here. We have to start realizing as a society that we really are what we eat. It sounds like a silly phrase yet it contains a lot of truth. I don’t consume a perfectly clean diet. I am human like everyone else, but I try to make the unhealthy food the exception more than the rule. We all get busy and we have children. I know that is an obstacle sometimes. Planning is essential to eating a clean diet. That I have learned and am trying to practice. I used to hate to cook. I absolutely dreaded dinner time. I would be like hmm..guess I will make the same meatloaf I made last week, or maybe spaghetti again. It was like I became stagnant in the kitchen. When I worked at a different job. I recall getting my child late almost everyday from her after school program. I would pick her up and be exhausted from sitting in an hour and 15 min of traffic after working all day. What would I do??? I would say what do you want for dinner tonight Wendys or Mcdonalds? That was how it went. I know that is how it goes for many because we are busy!! Tired!! and sometimes lazy!!!. What is a remedy for that? Plan ahead and prepare!! Women that are single moms especially have to plan on the weekends or days off what your going to eat for the week. When your a single mom the last thing you want to do on your day off is plan anything, but if you become more excited about what is going in your body I think that helps. There is a gratification knowing that what your eating is fueling your body instead of taking life force away from it. Sorry to get on my soap box here:) back to the dressing:)

Kale is great for salads too. If you don’t love it yet, you can always mix some in with other greens like romaine or spinach. I do that a lot. A dressing that is good with kale is one lemon squeezed, 1/4 cup of raw honey, 1/4 to 1/2 cup of extra virgin olive oil, and some sea salt or himalayan salt. When I make a Kale salad I like to put cranberries or raisins in there because it adds sweetness to it which also makes eating it more pleasurable. The salad dressings in the store are full of chemicals and unhealthy fats and sugar. I am trying to learn how to make a healthy ranch dressing. I tried making it with the cashews and can’t say I really liked it. I am going to keep experimenting until I find a good one and I will share it on here. Thanks for taking the time to read this.If you know any healthy salad dressings you wanna share please let me know! Please share on your Facebook! Here below is one of Laura Vitale’s videos that Hannah wanted me to share because she wants to make this salad herself 🙂 She has so many good recipes. Enjoy!

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