Homemade Almond Milk

I want this page to contain healthier options. When I say healthy I mean a lot healthier options. I have learned that so much of what we buy in the stores even when we think it’s a good thing, it still contains a lot of additives, chemicals, and artificial sweeteners. It takes time to learn whats good and whats not. This lady here,she calls herself a Cancer Thriver. She has been beating the odds of a stage 4 cancer for several years now by maintaining optimal health. Optimal health is not only what we eat, but how we take care of our bodies with exercise and rest as well. She is an inspiration to me. I bought her book Crazy Sexy Juice. It contains a lot of smoothie recipes in there and juice recipes. If your interested in learning to make your own almond milk, I promise you it will be worth your time. I am loving my vitamix blender that I got for myself for Christmas. I waited several months and finally bought it! I got tired of having chunks of dates and unblended kale with the ninja eh.. You have to have a really high speed blender to blend up nuts. I love almond milk in my smoothies so if your interested check out this video!

This is also another really cool way to make your almond milk. I did this just the other day and I couldn’t even tell I had kale in my smoothie. The cool thing is the nutrients and health benefits are there though. A lot of people don’t like the taste and texture of kale but thats the beauty of making smoothies its usually hidden nicely with a banana or peanut butter. enjoy!

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