Coconut Yogurt

I’m really excited to post this particular topic. I came across this guy, Dan Mcdonald in the video below about 3 months ago. He is on Facebook under “Dan the Life Regenerator.”  I have watched several of his videos about the health benefits of a raw diet. He is very passionate and sometimes funny to watch. He is more subdued in this video so I thought it might be a good one to start with! I am not on a fully raw diet, but must admit I admire and respect it. He is definitely a great example if your trying to transition into a more plant based diet. He eats Fruits, vegetables, and minimal seeds/nuts. Dan lives in Hawaii, and I must say he’s made me very envious of the wonderful fruits and healthy water he has access to there!:)  Just thought I would give a little introduction for those who have never heard of him or his work.

Ok so on to the topic here which is coconut yogurt!! I have been eating this yogurt since I got my vitamix blender. I would have posted a video of myself making it, but watching me cut the coconuts open would probably be more along the lines of comedy. It is not easy to cut them open, but I finally got a good knife. It takes practice like anything else. I buy the young Thai coconuts from Whole Foods. I feel there is an Asian market here in Nashville, I just have not been there yet. The coconuts I have been buying at Whole Foods are refrigerated and so far have been perfect. For any of you who have purchased the coconut water that comes like in containers or bottles. I will tell you, it does not compare to the water from the real coconut. The water from the coconut is just sweet and awesome in my opinion. Coconuts have so many positive and healing properties to them. First of all the water is full of electrolytes. It’s wonderful for anyone who has been dehydrated or healing from a bad stomach virus. The meat is full of vitamins and healthy fat as well. People have been able to sustain life with just coconut meat and the water so that says something. In order to make the yogurt you will see below it is really just three ingredients.

  1. The coconut
  2. The coconut water
  3. Puradyme probiotic

I have not tried any other probiotics so I can’t say how they work. I don’t sell Puradyme or have any affiliation with the company. I have just been using the probiotic myself for two months now. I am happy with it and it comes in a powder and does not taste bad. In my attempt to keep my colon in check with the ulcerative colitis, I think probiotics are essential for me. With the way people eat today I think everyone needs to be on a good probiotic. He tells you in this video to store the yogurt for a week before you eat it, you can really eat it right then or the next day. The longer it sits the thicker it will become though. I have been mixing bananas, raspberries, or blueberries with it. I have never been a big yogurt fan. My daughter loves greek yogurt and I think it is just hard to swallow. This to me doesn’t have the bitterness yogurt does. It is creamy, kind of sweet and fruit enhances the taste even more!!! Enjoy the video,.. Let me know what you think.. and if you have any questions please ask!  🙂  Thank you!

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