Politics and Peace

I have been feeling drawn to write about this particular topic. One part of me wanted to and the other part said it was like opening a can of worms. I think the worms are already crawling everywhere though. I have a vision for the blog in one sense to keep it positive so to speak and for it to inspire people about their health. I however am not feeling so inspired positively with the way the world is currently. I guess you would have to be dead to not feel the collective pain circulating all over this place today. I think many factors are contributing to the negative energy that is engulfing us, and being the empathetic person that I am its bothering the hell out of me.


I have pondered getting off of social media because I hate scrolling through the news feed and seeing one attack after another on what Trump is doing. I know that running away from any problem though does not solve it. I guess I have decided to run head first into this one. I saw a person comment on a picture of Ivanka Trump and her husband this morning. Above it she wrote ” Children of the Corn. ” Really???  I mean to me that is beyond disrespectful.  Ivanka Trump to me is a beautiful person who yes has been given some advantages that many of us were not given. She however didn’t have to do positive things with them but she has. She is a role model for young girls today including my own daughter. Why be jealous of those who have more?  they should fuel and inspire your desire to want to have more as well. There is a gap though I feel between desire and action with people.  I think there is a large number of people who would say what Trump is doing is disrespectful on many levels. I have to disagree and feel they are allowing fear of the unknown to drive this level of resistance. I feel that this world has gone for many years now with the lack of a leader.  I was talking to some friends at work yesterday who both agree that it really is the same principle as an undisciplined child. The world at large has become undisciplined, disrespectful, wild, lazy, addicted, and detached. When you have a child who is unruly and the parent finally wakes up and starts disciplining it. What does it do?? It throws a massive tantrum and revolts. I think the world is throwing a massive tantrum right now at large. I think it is sad that this country has been allowed to go where it’s gone. Welfare is ridiculous and at all time highs. Even though the Obama supporters will tell you that Obama helped lower welfare rates and unemployment. I am sorry that I can not see that at all. There are able bodied people, young able bodied people collecting food stamps today living off the government.  Maybe if people would work they could have a sense of pride for what they own and not take so much for granted. I have yet to understand anyone who is in support of the health insurance today. I have suffered royally with the insurance over the last 3 years especially. My daughter had spine surgery at Shriners hospital that costed well over 100,000 dollars. Do you want to guess how much of that was covered by Humana???? Not even 1 cent. The deductibles are sky high and the majority of the American people are paying and paying to only end up paying more.

I feel to have any kind of order in America Trump is doing what needed to be done 8 years ago and maybe even before that. We have to weed out those that are of a criminal mind in order to have a safer country. I’m sure it is extremely hard for those that are legal that are having to suffer some of the scrutiny and consequences right now. When I was in school I was a very good student. I’m sure everyone of you remember the kid or kids in the class that screwed it up for everyone. I used to think as a young girl, why do I have to suffer because they are acting out. Why do I have to have things taken away that I deserve because they are disrespectful. I think that good people are having to suffer some yes, but if you look at the bigger picture. It is for a good cause. That cause is to hopefully keep America safer. We should be proud to live here and I think America is a desirable place to be. However we have to have rules and we have to have some boundaries due to the criminal sociopathic minds that exist today. I do see it from both sides and know that it is not black and white.

When I think back to 911, I recall that those terrorists did not mind blowing themselves up one bit for the mass destruction that they caused. It is extremely sad to me that there are people in the world born into such indoctrination and cult like mentalities. They are out there though and in increasing numbers daily. I feel only light can cast out darkness. We will never be able to cast out darkness if we chose to stay in a dark place ourselves. I commend Trump for  wanting to protect our country and our people from such acts of violence. Instead of everyone throwing the tantrums that they are throwing and marching and protesting. Why can’t people let it go and look inside themselves. Look inside of you and ask yourself what can I do to make this place better on an individual level. Is marching making this place better?? In my opinion it is a waste of time and does nothing but tie up the streets. We need to stop projecting the unhappiness we have at individual levels onto the leaders in the world. Trump has nothing to do with the way you treat your neighbor or what job you have. If you love all people and want to be kind to Muslims, African Americans, Indians, Syrians; whomever. Then you should do just that!! If people were asked to sacrifice their individual incomes to house and care for an immigrant. It would be interesting to see how many people would raise their hands. When you imagine your own life being compromised to care for another person other than your own family.. would you want to do it??  I gave the example just last night in conversation. I care for the homeless people in the world and feel sorry for them. I could offer them my couch, my TV, my coffee table, and everything I have in my living room. I then would be sitting in an empty room. I care deeply for animals and can not stand the fact that people continuously breed unconsciously. I could march against that, but until each individual wakes up and realizes the suffering they are causing it will never stop. America is in such debt we are sitting in that empty room.  I think if you have a surplus to give, give it by all means! America has become depleted though and needs to rebuild and restructure itself. I think that our new president is trying to do that. 

I can only ask that people look inside themselves at their own sources of lack, their own source of hatred, and ask yourself how you got there? Look at the dynamics in your own family unit. Work on fixing you, and I promise you will no longer feel such a need to project hate onto others. Social media is a great platform for many things, but has become a breeding ground for insults, projection, and hatred. This was not intended to attack anyones opinions only to express my own. I feel in order for me to be authentic I have to speak what I feel. If you took the time to read this, thank you, please comment!

Better dressings exist..

My daughter was actually the prompter for me to post this particular recipe. She was watching some of Laura Vitale’s recipe videos on YouTube tonight. We make salads quite frequently and I have enjoyed messing around with healthier alternatives for dressings. One particular dressing I like to make is a replacement for the traditional thousand island. I love that dressing, but as I got older and developed more GI issues in my 20’s. It got to where every time I would eat a salad using that dressing I ended up living in regret if you know what I mean :(. Well the way we make it works much better for me. I use veganaise instead of regular mayonnaise. Its just a healthier alternative made without eggs and non gmo. I use about one cup of veganaise, organic ketchup, a touch of minced garlic; pickle relish by 365 degrees. It tastes great and I don’t feel sick after I eat it. For me thats a win win! I never really measure it I just play around with it until its the consistency that I want, but just a touch of garlic is all ya need.

I make another salad dressing that goes fabulously with kale. Kale is something I had to warm up to. It wasn’t like the first time I tried it, I was hooked. Kale has to be massaged some to not be so firm when eating it. Its funny I had a friend that said isn’t that what they used to decorate your plate with, like the little piece of green stuff you just pushed aside as it was only there for decoration haha:)… I guess it was, but that little decoration has a lot of health benefits that we are lacking these days. I use Kale in my smoothies and with the aid of a banana, blueberries, or whatever fruit you like you won’t even know its in there. Many people see a green drink and their immediate reaction is “Gross” “Ewe” or even better “oh my god you drink that?.” I’m only speaking from previous commentary here. We have to start realizing as a society that we really are what we eat. It sounds like a silly phrase yet it contains a lot of truth. I don’t consume a perfectly clean diet. I am human like everyone else, but I try to make the unhealthy food the exception more than the rule. We all get busy and we have children. I know that is an obstacle sometimes. Planning is essential to eating a clean diet. That I have learned and am trying to practice. I used to hate to cook. I absolutely dreaded dinner time. I would be like hmm..guess I will make the same meatloaf I made last week, or maybe spaghetti again. It was like I became stagnant in the kitchen. When I worked at a different job. I recall getting my child late almost everyday from her after school program. I would pick her up and be exhausted from sitting in an hour and 15 min of traffic after working all day. What would I do??? I would say what do you want for dinner tonight Wendys or Mcdonalds? That was how it went. I know that is how it goes for many because we are busy!! Tired!! and sometimes lazy!!!. What is a remedy for that? Plan ahead and prepare!! Women that are single moms especially have to plan on the weekends or days off what your going to eat for the week. When your a single mom the last thing you want to do on your day off is plan anything, but if you become more excited about what is going in your body I think that helps. There is a gratification knowing that what your eating is fueling your body instead of taking life force away from it. Sorry to get on my soap box here:) back to the dressing:)

Kale is great for salads too. If you don’t love it yet, you can always mix some in with other greens like romaine or spinach. I do that a lot. A dressing that is good with kale is one lemon squeezed, 1/4 cup of raw honey, 1/4 to 1/2 cup of extra virgin olive oil, and some sea salt or himalayan salt. When I make a Kale salad I like to put cranberries or raisins in there because it adds sweetness to it which also makes eating it more pleasurable. The salad dressings in the store are full of chemicals and unhealthy fats and sugar. I am trying to learn how to make a healthy ranch dressing. I tried making it with the cashews and can’t say I really liked it. I am going to keep experimenting until I find a good one and I will share it on here. Thanks for taking the time to read this.If you know any healthy salad dressings you wanna share please let me know! Please share on your Facebook! Here below is one of Laura Vitale’s videos that Hannah wanted me to share because she wants to make this salad herself 🙂 She has so many good recipes. Enjoy!

Coconut Yogurt

I’m really excited to post this particular topic. I came across this guy, Dan Mcdonald in the video below about 3 months ago. He is on Facebook under “Dan the Life Regenerator.”  I have watched several of his videos about the health benefits of a raw diet. He is very passionate and sometimes funny to watch. He is more subdued in this video so I thought it might be a good one to start with! I am not on a fully raw diet, but must admit I admire and respect it. He is definitely a great example if your trying to transition into a more plant based diet. He eats Fruits, vegetables, and minimal seeds/nuts. Dan lives in Hawaii, and I must say he’s made me very envious of the wonderful fruits and healthy water he has access to there!:)  Just thought I would give a little introduction for those who have never heard of him or his work.

Ok so on to the topic here which is coconut yogurt!! I have been eating this yogurt since I got my vitamix blender. I would have posted a video of myself making it, but watching me cut the coconuts open would probably be more along the lines of comedy. It is not easy to cut them open, but I finally got a good knife. It takes practice like anything else. I buy the young Thai coconuts from Whole Foods. I feel there is an Asian market here in Nashville, I just have not been there yet. The coconuts I have been buying at Whole Foods are refrigerated and so far have been perfect. For any of you who have purchased the coconut water that comes like in containers or bottles. I will tell you, it does not compare to the water from the real coconut. The water from the coconut is just sweet and awesome in my opinion. Coconuts have so many positive and healing properties to them. First of all the water is full of electrolytes. It’s wonderful for anyone who has been dehydrated or healing from a bad stomach virus. The meat is full of vitamins and healthy fat as well. People have been able to sustain life with just coconut meat and the water so that says something. In order to make the yogurt you will see below it is really just three ingredients.

  1. The coconut
  2. The coconut water
  3. Puradyme probiotic

I have not tried any other probiotics so I can’t say how they work. I don’t sell Puradyme or have any affiliation with the company. I have just been using the probiotic myself for two months now. www.puradyme.com I am happy with it and it comes in a powder and does not taste bad. In my attempt to keep my colon in check with the ulcerative colitis, I think probiotics are essential for me. With the way people eat today I think everyone needs to be on a good probiotic. He tells you in this video to store the yogurt for a week before you eat it, you can really eat it right then or the next day. The longer it sits the thicker it will become though. I have been mixing bananas, raspberries, or blueberries with it. I have never been a big yogurt fan. My daughter loves greek yogurt and I think it is just hard to swallow. This to me doesn’t have the bitterness yogurt does. It is creamy, kind of sweet and fruit enhances the taste even more!!! Enjoy the video,.. Let me know what you think.. and if you have any questions please ask!  🙂  Thank you!

Homemade Almond Milk

I want this page to contain healthier options. When I say healthy I mean a lot healthier options. I have learned that so much of what we buy in the stores even when we think it’s a good thing, it still contains a lot of additives, chemicals, and artificial sweeteners. It takes time to learn whats good and whats not. This lady here,she calls herself a Cancer Thriver. She has been beating the odds of a stage 4 cancer for several years now by maintaining optimal health. Optimal health is not only what we eat, but how we take care of our bodies with exercise and rest as well. She is an inspiration to me. I bought her book Crazy Sexy Juice. It contains a lot of smoothie recipes in there and juice recipes. If your interested in learning to make your own almond milk, I promise you it will be worth your time. I am loving my vitamix blender that I got for myself for Christmas. I waited several months and finally bought it! I got tired of having chunks of dates and unblended kale with the ninja eh.. You have to have a really high speed blender to blend up nuts. I love almond milk in my smoothies so if your interested check out this video!

This is also another really cool way to make your almond milk. I did this just the other day and I couldn’t even tell I had kale in my smoothie. The cool thing is the nutrients and health benefits are there though. A lot of people don’t like the taste and texture of kale but thats the beauty of making smoothies its usually hidden nicely with a banana or peanut butter. enjoy!

Your Throat Chakra

I have been listening to Teal Swan for quite a while now and so if one of her videos resonates with me, I think perhaps it could resonate with others. For those of you who aren’t familiar with her, she is an extra sensory and works really hard to help with human suffering on this planet. If your alive today you know that there is a lot of suffering in the world. Its a passion of mine as well to help people and sometimes one video can make a difference. So thanks for watching..

I’m back

Well it has been a year since I posted anything on my blog. It was about a month ago that I got an email asking if I wanted to renew my subscription. I thought about it and for some reason couldn’t let it go. I came up with the name for the blog just kind of out of nowhere and it really stuck with me. I feel like sometimes we get an information download from the universe whether we we are trying to or not. I feel that way about writing music too. I can go for months and be so non creative it feels. Then all of a sudden the words just start flowing.. strange how that works. Well I haven’t been sitting around doing nothing for the last year. I have been busy with my daughter, my work, my animals, trying to keep my house clean (with my animals thats a full time job). This past year my mom has also been dealing with a lot medically and I help her when I can. I play my guitar when time permits. I always wish there was more time. I’m working in recovery room part time. I like the part time because it gives me two days usually during the week to do what I need to do. Here lately its been giving me time to write a little music. I cherish every moment that I get to be in my living room with my dogs asleep on the couch while I Play and just zone out from the pressures of daily life. 🙂  I had a lot of years of stress and hell sitting in traffic, working 5 days a week and it really was doing nothing for the creative spirit that lives inside of me. I feel I’ve finally achieved a little balance.

My daughter had Spine surgery last year, that was a huge event. I’m thankful and I feel so blessed that she is doing well. She is actually growing straighter now and I pray things continue to do well. I probably don’t talk about Hannah enough. She is probably the best thing that could have ever happened to me in my life here. She surprises me daily how mature she is and wise for her age. Hannah is a very intuitive, empathetic little girl. She reads me like a book sometimes and it amazes the hell out of me. She is a lover of animals and just a light being for anyone who gets to know her. Several years ago when she was a baby and we were going through such hard times with her feeding issues, and sensory problems. I thought that life was going to be a struggle for years to come. Little did I know she would blossom into such a smart, beautiful young lady. I can’t say it enough. I am blessed!

I have been thinking about new things to post on the blog and I finally figured out how to get videos on here and not just the link for them. I’m rather technologically challenged. I can type really fast but thats about it. 🙂  I want to share videos of people that I admire and that inspire me. I started listening to youtube videos and ted talks back when I was working at a desk job. It was not a fun job, but allowed me time to learn from different people things about health, spirituality, music, and diet. I love to learn about what works. I’m highly inspired by the vegan diet. I get a lot of criticism for it, but it doesn’t stop me. I see that people thrive and do well on a more plant based diet in this day and time. Those are some of the videos I want to share. I have become a recipe nut. I love to learn how to prepare healthy things and it makes me feel not only good for me, but also that I’m helping my little girl be healthier. I see so many children living on a fast food/processed food diet and it kills me. It kills me because It used to be me going to the drive throughs daily. At that time I was also in misery with my colitis, aching all over and not understanding why.  I know that I can’t save everyone but I can certainly try to educate and inspire the people that are kind enough to read my blog. With change I feel its one person at a time, and one day at a time. I’ll stop rambling for now. Please stay tuned and I will update when I post new things. 🙂