Medical medium

I was searching on Facebook a couple of months ago for pages that would contain health information. I came across “The Medical Medium” and I was of course intrigued. I have found his facebook page to be very helpful. I sometimes share links that he posts on certain fruits or vegetables and their particular health benefits.

I started seeing him advertise for his upcoming book that I have posted for this blog. I finally ordered it on Amazon and it came the other day. I must say I am liking what I am reading! Above is the link for an interview Anthony William did about his book and some health problems people are having in general today. I found the interview to be quite informative. Just as a brief little summary. Anythony William was given the gift at the young age of 4 of mediumship. He hears a voice externally from spirit that gives him valuable health information about people. He can do visual scans on people and diagnose them with certain diseases/health problems. He did this to his own grandmother who had lung cancer when he was 4. I think he has helped so many people with his gift and to me thats just awesome.  If your suffering from any kind of health problems I would check it out. I have said it before in my own quest for better diet and better health. I have found that what I eat makes such a huge impact on how I feel. It is past time that we wake up and realize that the foods we are eating are not serving us they are killing us slowly. With that said,  Each of us are on our own journey here and will arrive at that knowledge when we are ready to receive it. I feel a higher knowing is so close to us but some of us just don’t listen to that inner voice. I spent several years not listening. We have to start paying attention or we will end up completely on the other side of where we want to be. Whether that be a cancer diagnosis or even something like IBS or Thyroid disorder. I feel if there is a means and a way to combat something simply by what we choose to put in our mouths or how we decide to conduct our daily lives. Why not give it a try! I won’t go any further but to say check out the interview and maybe order the book. If your not interested in things mediums say, maybe you do not believe in it. Then there is a wealth of knowledge on YouTube about dietary changes and healthy ways of living.You can go to any bookstore and there is an entire wall of various diet books. You just have to be motivated to try! I think taking even small steps in the direction of Wellness is a huge accomplishment for us all. There are more processed unhealthy foods lurking everywhere we go than healthy ones it seems. It takes will power, planning and strength to go in the other direction. Thats the direction I want to go in!

thanks for reading.