the awakening..

I have been doing a lot of thinking lately about my diet and diet in general. Over the past month I have made the decision to go pretty much meatless. I have been titrating in this direction actually for a while and after I started eating at my favorite restaurant Wild Cow about a year ago.  I have been a meat eater my whole life never once thinking when I was younger that there was anything wrong with it. Why? because I too was like every other child who does what their parents say to and eats what there parents put in front of them. No fault of either party.. it just was the way it was. I think it’s that way for many children. I’m guilty of it with my own daughter. I fix something and I expect her to eat it. Luckily I have been blessed with a child that really is not too picky with her foods. I can’t say that the early years with her I was that lucky.. but thats another blog. I am still learning more about the term that is so scary to most people. drum roll.. “vegan” yes I said it. I have already experienced a lot of resistance to this choice. I have had friends laugh at about it, and poke fun at me about it. I get it.. its a big sacrifice and change, or is it??  If you take 20 minutes out of your day to watch the extreme torture that pigs go through and other livestock, it will make you definitely re think your choices. It may not make you.. but it did me. In my opinion NO living creature deserves to die a death the way some animals do. They are the most mistreated souls on the face of this earth. It just isn’t right ..

As I mentioned in my second blog on here. I have an autoimmune disorder “ulcerative colitis” and I have spent most of my adult life on medicine for it. Over the past couple of years I have made more and more changes to try to help the symptoms. I quit eating fast food like Mcdonalds and all those other joints that serve similar foods. I cut out cokes, and now I’m taking it a step further. I feel as if I was asleep for a long time and am now awakening. Sounds crazy to some probably, but its how I feel. I truly feel that cokes are addictive just like coffee. I think that the aspartame I was consuming was horrible for me. It is horrible for you too! I can’t even stand the taste of a real coke because It is so sweet. I started eating at whole foods a few years back when I had the time to go there. I noticed how I could eat a salad or a meal there and I was not running to the bathroom. Ya know how you feel after eating taco bell or krystals right? Well it was awesome to NOT have that feeling.Unfortunately I do not have the time or cash to eat at Whole Foods everyday, but I would like to make similar choices at home. Granted up until now I have not been a Rachel Ray in the kitchen. This is a huge challenge for me to learn to make healthier options for me and my daughter. I see her liking what we are doing already with the smoothies. Over the last couple of weeks she went from being constipated quite frequently to actually coming home from school happy that she was able to go easier. Thank you flax seed and blueberries ha.!  I’m very excited about it. There are about a million different heatlhy smoothie receipes on Pinterest. Ahh don’t we all love Pinterest ladies.. It is where you go to dream.. Well this dream you can make a reality. I am having to learn how to prioritize meals and even what smoothie I want to make the next day.. but I will find a system that works.

I think that eating things that are real and alive make you feel alive. I don’t know what damage the medication I have been on for my colitis has already done to my body. I have been on it since my 20’s. I think every medication has a side effect or 10 side effects. I want the day to come that I no longer need it. I have set that goal for myself.  I want to see if truly modifying my diet to things that are organic, less sugar, and less processed foods will make that a possibility. I have seen it happen for other people. I’m already doing better than I have in a long time with my colon and I’m thankful. Exercise is also an integral part of the equation. Single mom+ working+ exercise= difficult. I’m lucky in that I have two days off usually during the week that I can exercise when my daughter is in school. I try to take full advantage of that time. I am inspired to write this really for everyone out there who is still what I call “asleep” I do not say that to be insulting. I say it to to hopefully awaken something inside you!  Everyone wants to feel good, Everyone wants to be healthy, but not everyone makes the commitment to be disciplined enough to stay on the path to positive change. None of us are perfect and we are all a work in progress. If you can make one small change a week , that is progress. Without progress there is no change. When you start seeing and feeling a difference from your changes it makes it all worth while I promise. As women we put ourselves and our bodies on the back burner for many different reasons. When your cup is empty you have nothing to offer anyone else. We must take care of ourselves in order to be the people we want to be. Its so easy to be hungry and just pull into the drive through.. I know that because I used to do it.. I would get off work sit in traffic an hour be starving and say “we are going to Wendys”  It is so easy. It takes you saying to yourself NO! and making a better choice. Hell just this morning I drove past the Doughnut Den in Green Hills.. and I was like god I would love an apple fritter , but I didn’t pull in. Temptation is always there, your ego is always there pulling you in it’s selfish direction. Good thing we are not our Ego’s!  I have ordered Kris Carr’s new book Crazy Sexy Juice and I am anxious for its arrival. I will share smoothie recipes on here with whomever wants to try them.I don’t know if it is possible but, I want everyone and all my friends to awaken with me! I would love to hear what you struggle with personally with diet or any comments or questions ..thanks for reading!

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