“Stop saying your Fine” Mel Robbins



A few years ago I was working downtown and required to sit in my car an hour sometimes an hour and a half in the mornings going to work. The evenings sometimes were quite similar. So as if the ride wasn’t bad enough the job was even more unfulfilling. At work on slow days I would sit at my computer wanting to do anything but sit at my computer. I love music and so I would listen to my favorite songs on YouTube . I stumbled across a Ted talk that was really interesting and I watched it.. From that day on I started listening to Ted talks or other people I was interested in on the way to work or when I had down time. It was the only thing that kept me going besides the friends I had made there. Needless to say, I am a horrible secretary. It is funny how at the time that we are going through something we may think it’s the worst thing ever. In all truth it’s just another stepping stone on the path of where we are headed. This Ted talk above is just awesome, it will make you laugh yet you will realize how many of these things you do on a daily basis. Enjoy, feel free to comment.

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