The Title and Inspiration. “The Health of Knowledge”

I have been pondering starting a blog for about a year now. I actually created this page about 5 months ago when the title popped in my head one morning. Then I sat down and did what a lot of us do when we are nervous to try something new.. we do Nothing! (cuz its easier right?) Well its been eating at me and I just have an overall desire to share things I learn in the health industry or in regards to health issues as a whole. I have been a Registered Nurse going on 13 years now.. That number makes me feel very old, yet I feel a sense of wisdom emerging. Along the way early in my nursing career I can honestly say like most young nurses. I was a novice to conventional medicine. I had so much to learn about certain conditions, surgeries, and what my purpose even was as a nurse.(it wasn’t just to help people.)  One thing that I’ve realized more than anything that nursing has done for me is it has taught me more than I ever thought I would want to know about people.I almost have developed an obsession with why people act the way they do.. Do you ever sit at the airport and people watch? or perhaps at a resteraunt or the mall? You see numerous people walk by all dressed differently and with a different gait about them. Some walk with their head down, some are so proud and happy, others look stressed, and some are exhausted. Little did I know early on that coming on to a nursing shift is a lot like that. The exception is you don’t just watch them walk by and form your opinion.. you deal with the emotions that they are all feeling( that do not always coincide well with your emotions) for a solid twelve hours. One patient is happy, the other is terrified,one is physically sick and in pain.. you get the point.

So what is your job as the nurse? to fix it right? Well I learned early on that that’s easier said than done. I think you learn to be a bit of a chameleon. To me being a chameleon is not always being authentic to who you are. For many years going to work was a dreaded task.I quickly realized, I can not fix that they are addicted to pain meds because they had a car accident 12 years ago and they are still telling themselves that they have that same pain now. Nor can I change the fact that a patient is in a physically abusive relationship with her boyfriend. Then there are the patients thats are morbidly obese that eat to cope with their childhood wounds and pain. The list goes on for days of people that have physical ailments that present loud and clear,but the core of the problem is so much deeper. As a nurse you can not touch those deep problems as in that setting the job is to “fix” what they are there for. God forbid I tell them what I really think, because that would be insulting by hospital standards. Although talking to my patients is something I love to do and  never realized that I have always had a desire to understand and connect the dots of people emotionally. Maybe not in that arena is it appropriate for me to state my advice or opinions clearly but hopefully here I can. Some people will align with it and some people will find me crazy.  My desire in life is to touch on the problems that I see we all carry around that eventually surface on a physical level. We can not change what we do not acknowledge. Knowledge is power in so many ways and with that power we can lead healthier lives.  Over the past 4 years I have been enlightened by reading and listening to some of the most influential people in the world. As Mel Robbins says, whatever your interest is, get a PHD in it! That doesn’t mean you have to go back to school. There are so many opportunities for learning today, the internet being one of the greatest tools. I just want to share things and am open to opinions and thoughts. I believe we are all here on this earth to learn about ourselves and each other. Maybe someday we will all connect with a sense of oneness and gratitude. Thank you for joining me in this journey! 🙂

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